Manning Modern Retail (MMR)

Flashback 2016

Event Theme (2016)

Building Future Ready Retail Organisations

Vanue: Courtyard by Marriott, Mumbai

The digital age is all about moving beyond engagement into the realm of experience. Retail organisations across the world are employing various technologies such as Iot, analytics, big data, artificial intelligence, social media, and design thinking to offer unforgettable experiences to external customers. Now, the same technologies are making their way inside organisations and it is upon the HR teams to harness their potential to satisfy internal customers. The time has come to deconstruct old beliefs, systems and processes and embrace a digital-first mindset and start thinking about how to best adopt digital technologies to offer an unmatched employee experience. MMR 2017 will focus on strategies for seamlessly ushering in the next wave of transformation in retail HR. Together, let’s Refresh. Reimagine. Redesign HR Paradigms for the Digital Age.

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