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About The Manning Modern Retail

Manning Modern Retail (MMR) is an HR Conclave focused on developing ideas and resource capabilities to understand the retail industry’s most pressing issues around people practices.

Over the years, it has gained the reputation of being the most prestigious platform for exchange on perspectives between multiple stakeholders including CEOs, CPOs, Academia, Thought Leaders and Operating Managers on HR in retail.

Panel Topic

Rapid changes in competition, demand, technology, and regulations are compelling to change. The need of the hour is to create agile organisations that can adapt quickly to the changes in market forces. The agility required in strategy & processes begins with creating an agile culture (people) lead by forward-thinking leadership. It is with the intention of helping retail organisations respond to this business imperative that the retail HR fraternity and thought leaders will convene at Manning Modern Retail 2018 and deliberate on the best way ahead for the industry.

Any change in an organisation can be successful and sustainable only if it is top-driven. Therefore, the first step to building an agile organisation is instilling the right leadership. This requires a marked departure from the deep-rooted mindset that to achieve desired outcomes, leaders need to control and direct work by constantly specifying tasks and steering the work of employees. According to McKinsey, leadership in agile organizations serves the people in the organization, empowering and developing them. Rather than planners, directors, and controllers, leaders become visionaries, architects, and coaches that help develop their relevant competencies of employees, encouraging them to collaborate and deliver exceptional results. This panel will discuss the merits of such leadership and ways to build it.

Many companies are grappling with ways to transform their businesses in the face of radical change. Companies may be missing out on the most important strategy of all: Creating a culture of agility. Agile cultures translate into forward thinking and innovation. The panel will discuss what steps needs to be taken to create a cultural difference.

Technology and innovation are disrupting the way HR functions. However, this doesn't mean that every organization must go through the same level of transformation. The journey of every company and HR system towards adapting to HR Technology will be unique. In the light of this, the panel will deliberate on some of the critical aspects that HR leaders must consider while leading any HR Tech transformation.